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Queen Sugar: To Usward Season 2 Episode 2 Drama

The Drama Unfolds in Episode 2…

Drama is exactly what episode 2 was all about, but we’re only in the beginning stages of this season! Charlie faces a major blow when Davis asks for joint custody in their divorce mediation. She once again turns to Remy for support and as usual, he’s there with open arms. However, this time around Remy suggests Charlie goes through the grieving process first before they can move forward.

On another note, Ralph Angel takes Darla out on an “official” date, but it seems Darla wants to still take things slow. Ralph Angel sees an opportunity to finally get financial support for the soy bean crop. This might be a way for him to do things on his own without Charlie’s advice, but there’s always a speed bump.

Nova is reaching out the community and speaks to the public about the current flaws in the police department. The powerful speech she delivered was very inspirational and though Micah is struggling emotionally, he shows up to Nova’s event. Hopefully, he will get through his rough time with the Nova by his side.

Aunt Vi finally reconnects with Hollywood in an emotional way, but does this mean they’re finally back together? Tune in to this video because I breakdown the drama as it came in this episode!

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