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Quote of the Week- Dreamers and Realists

Dreamers and Realists

Dreamers, close your eyes and think of what your life could be, it may just surprise you. Or keep your eyes open and be a realist, focusing mostly on what is in front of you. The quote below is all about being a dreamer and not letting go of what you hold dear to you; dreamers help shape the world. That same quote is also about being a realist and attentive to the life you live and having a specific way of thinking that helps shape society’s consciousness. People who dream and those who see the world pragmatically are equally important. One lives in their mind, unafraid to dream of being whomever they want to be. The other lives unafraid to be great, because they see the world in a more logical way and have thrived with that mentality.

One hand washes the other, we need each other. Like extroverts need introverts, realists and dreamers need each other. We are all interdependent and the more we lean on one another, the greater we become. It is not all about tearing one another down for our differences or being angry that we don’t have enough similarities, but coming together and realizing that our differences are what bring us together. If we took the time to let each person be who they were meant to be, we would certainly promote healthier relationships and a more diverse planet all around

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