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Quote of the Day- Good Person

A Good Person Is…

A good person is a great person, because a good person spends everyday trying to be better, which will ultimately lead them to the greatness they seek. They are sowing seeds and while they are not perfect and understand they never can be perfect, they give their best to evolve a little at a time and they do so with an open mind.

Being a good person has nothing to do with your past, it is about your present. The actions we take everyday determines who we are, versus who we claim to be. We all have slip-ups, like saying things we shouldn’t say or doing things we shouldn’t do. However, its not about condemning ourselves for making a mistake, it is about learning from the error.

Also, being able to acknowledge when we have knowingly or intentionally done something wrong is a sign of strong character. A strong individual is not someone who will always tell you when they’re right, but admits when they’re wrong.

Spend every chance you can focusing on how to be the person you really want to be,  giving all you have to excel in this life and the next. Everyone has what it takes to be great, but some explore that ability, while others ignore it. Do not ignore your calling to treat others the way you want to be treated, showing respect even if it’s not reciprocated, be kind on a daily basis and you will be the good person you were destined to be.

Good Person