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Quote of the Day- Great Power

Believe In Your Great Power…

Great power is not about the strength you show in front of others, but the self awareness it takes to be good to others when no one notices. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give is simply being kind, being open and showing love to those who may not necessarily deserve it.

There are many evil & mean spirited people in the world, you don’t overtake their antagonism by stooping to their level; you overtake them by giving them the opposite of what they’ve given you. Love and kindness is how you release yourself from the hold they attempt to have over your life, their pessimism does not have to become your reality. Everything is a choice. How people treat you is a choice, concurrently, how you treat them is also a choice.

Another person’s hostility cannot be tapered by offering up more of the same, you have to do better because you know better. You do not have to reduce yourself to the antics of your enemies to be effective, you rise above their judgment and be the example of maturity. You have great power, but that power cannot truly shine if you are spending your time on frivolous things that reduce you to the same mindset as your self-absorbed enemies.

Believe in yourself, believe that every time you go out into the world and do your best, you’re making this planet a better place for generations to come. Pat yourself on the back when you get it right and correct your behavior when you get it wrong, don’t beat yourself up and don’t beat up anyone else literally or figuratively. Be the shining example of exactly what growth is and the universe will reward you in kind. Be well!

Great Power