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Quote of the Day- Mistakes

Mistakes Are Not Your Enemy…

Mistakes can be your friend if you let them. A lot can be learned from accidents, but you must be able to grow from them & not sweat the small stuff. If you never do anything that pulls you out of you comfort zone, then you will never make a mistake. If you never make a mistake, then your ability to gain knowledge will be limited.

What is life without a few errors?

Putting your best foot forward everyday is the epitome of greatness. However, going after your dreams is not easy, but it is far better than never trying. The person who never tries their best is a person who will never reach their full potential, all because they’re afraid of failure. Granted, many people fear failure, but you must feel the fear and do it anyway. Keep in mind, fear is where success resides.

The purpose of life is up for debate. Yet, we can all agree you should not spend your entire life doing the same thing over & over, then expecting different results–that is the definition of insanity.

Try hard, give your all and be willing to fail, learn from the failure and do better the next time. Remember, the biggest mistakes don’t come from failing, they come from never trying.  Be well!