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Quote of the Day- After the Storm

There Is Sunshine After The Storm…

This past week has truly been a rough one for me emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. After dealing with some traumatic situations all combined into several days, I felt like I almost lost my inner peace. Weathering  this storm really inspired me to write this article, since I know that I am not the only one going through a hard time.

We all experience life’s brutal challenges and it is up to us to pick ourselves back up and keep going. Life will definitely try it’s best to knock us down, but the key is; it will not break us. There will be days that the sun may hide from you, but I want you to remember that whatever weather that seems to be bringing darkness around you; there will be light after the storm.

I’ve recited those same words the past few days, which has given me a peaceful and calm feeling; just like when a storm passes. Storms do not last forever and by all means, do not let it destroy you. It will pass in due time and the sun will be back out to shine on you once again.

After the storm

  • KP

    This article speaks volumes 4 me. This is very helpful. Thank u politicswithstyle