Self Help

Quote of the Day- You are Awesome

Just A Friendly Reminder That You Are Awesome!

Today is a new day and I just want to spread the message to anyone reading this; that you are awesome! If you think about it, how many times do you say something else is awesome; but don’t say it about yourself? I truthfully had this problem before and I was desperately ready to fix it.

Many years ago, my confidence was shattered after failing at many areas in my life. I didn’t know what direction I was going and it seemed like everything I did was wrong. Several people were always taking little hits here and there to remind me how unsuccessful I was at that time. I knew I had to do quite a bit of damage control, but first things first, I needed to learn to believe in myself again.

The first thing I did, was I got on my computer and researched how to forgive myself and others. The next step was to start mapping out what my future plans are so that way, I can learn to accept my past failures and find out what I wasn’t doing right. It was very hard to be honest with myself about everything that was wrong, however when I finally crossed that bridge; I found out how awesome I really was. After being knocked down so many times, I still remained strong and conquered my weakest moment.


If you maybe going through somethings in your life and you are not feeling your best; I want you to remember that you are awesome! A great idea that I used in the past and even now, is leaving sticky notes around my home so I’m constantly reminded about simple things that make me feel better about myself. It may sound kind of corny to some people, but if you’ve gone through some personal issues about yourself; this method does work. Just keep in mind that there is greatness within you and there is nothing wrong with leaving messages to tell yourself that! Have a great day!