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Quote of the Day- Accomplishments

Make It Happen, Be Proud of Your Accomplishments…

It is a great thing to acknowledge one’s accomplishments. However, do not forget that wherever you are in your life, without question, someone has helped you. We like to think we are an island onto our self, but chances are, a helpful being was present along the way. Thank the Heavens for those who have contributed to your successes and try to pride yourself on at least showing gratitude.

Appreciate that someone saw beauty in you and they wanted to see you win. Do not spend your life pushing people away; practice pulling them in. Anything that you want for your life is possible and when you finally find your way, don’t forget about those who lifted you up from the beginning or gave you an opportunity that no one else would.

Accomplishments are wonderful, but they mean nothing if you can’t acknowledge that you didn’t do it alone.




  • anonymous

    This is a wonderful quote of the day. I think alot of people get on their feet and forget about those who helped them along the way. Just saying thank u goes along way. Or take some one who helped u to dinner to show that u appreciate what they did. Nice gestures will keep those blessings flowing ur way:)


      Thank you kindly.
      You are absolutely right, showing nice gestures brings good karma and increases blessings. Also, it makes the person you are thanking feel good because you are showing gratitude and letting them know their good deeds were not forgotten or ignored.