Self Help

Quote of the Day- Cross the Ocean

To cross the ocean of possibility, you must first prepare yourself for life’s journey. The process of growth is very, very difficult, but it is also worth it. If you want to shine a light on the beauty the Universe has bestowed upon you, then accept the urge to move beyond what you thought you could be and realize who you are.

Maturity is painstaking work, especially because maturity is not just about age, it is also about spiritual progression and your mental state. No one has ever gotten to where they wanted to be by sitting back and hoping it would just show up one day, you must work for it. While work is not a fun word and neither are the actions it takes to succeed, there can be a calm after the storm. The struggles of working hard do not have to be a hindrance and it doesn’t have to steal your joy, but it is up to you to remain unbothered.

It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge the potential of every human being walking the face of this earth, but it would be remiss of them to ignore their own greatness. None of us will get where we are trying to go if we just sit back and think about it or sit back and wait for it to find us. No! We must get up and get moving, find our own path and stay the course. We cannot truly seize the day by merely thinking about it, we must first cross the ocean of fear, into the abyss of peace and move through the many seas of life, knowing we are not too far away from our desired destination. Continue having faith even before the miracle has surfaced and you will know true prosperity.


As we cross the ocean of dreams, to honor our reality and give everything we have to excelling, there must first be a willingness to wholeheartedly accept the journey.