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Quote of the Week- Determination is Key

Determination is Your Key to Success…

Having determination is sometimes easier said than done, however it is necessary to have when a person needs to rise above their obstacles. Being determined is, “having a strong feeling that you are going to do something and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you.”

With that being said, find out the core of what or who it is that is trying to stop you and demolish it. We must not let people or circumstances stop us from what we are on the mission to do. Though some people are faster at achieving their rewards than others, we must remember to go at our own pace. There is no real race in life and when you try to rush to something, the possibility of making many mistakes can occur. Some of the mistakes can be fixed, however take your time and sort everything out first.

I’ve been in a few situations where I swear I wanted to quit everything all at once. Stress had reached its peak, and I basically fell all the way down. My finances, health, and relationships with others started taking a major toll on me. I saw others getting rewards that they didn’t even work hard for, while I was struggling with actually getting noticed. I also observed how people rushed me to get to where I needed to go, but it only made me tumble that much harder and left me figuring out where I went wrong.Determination

In the midst of me being at ground zero, I started thinking about everything I had done and knew I still had ways to go. This is when my determination kick right back in high gear. I couldn’t continue to stay down too much longer. My fight in life is not over and the willpower that I planted in my mind earlier this year; started to fuel my fire again. I took one good look in the mirror and told myself to just keep going. No matter who or what I loose on this journey will all be a distant memory very soon.

I’m still working on myself each and everyday. I stay determined to get my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It hasn’t always been this way for me, but after my major fall; I got back up and was ready to strive that much more.

If you are in need of some motivation that will get you back on your feet, remember to be determined even though it feels like you want to give up. In those moments of helplessness, I want you to repeat these words, “it can be done, it will be done.” Finish what you started and get your reward. You are not competing with anyone else but you! You got this so go and get it!