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Quote of the day- Failure and Results

Failure does not determine your destination

There is no human being in the world who wants to feel like a failure. We all want to succeed at everything we do and be recognized for our efforts. Sometimes, we give our all and fail anyway. Regardless, we have to pick ourselves up and continue fighting for what we want.

To truly be great, we must come to terms with the fact that not everything we do will work out in our favor. However, the real testament to a fighter is knowing how to pick yourself back up and try it again. Learn from the initial mistake in order to do it correctly in the future. Trial and error is a great thing when you use it to your advantage, get the lesson and do it differently next time.

Every success and every failure gives a result, either you ignore or it you get as much from it as you can. The results may not be what you want, but if they taught you even one thing, it was worth it. Make every moment an opportunity to better than before. If not, then why even try in the first place?