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Quote of the Day- Friendly Enemies

Enemies That Pleasantly Backstab…

Beware of these people because they are the main ones that always smile in your face, and then behind your back; they talk badly about you. These individuals, are truly toxic so be careful who you share details to. Enemies, constantly watch every move that you make and secretly want you to fail.

It can be very hard to tell if someone is an enemy now days, because they wear a mask of fakeness. What hurts the most, is that they can be family, co-workers, associates, and of course; friends. Since it is apart of life, I’m sure many of us have been in positions, where we had to deal with backstabbers.

I feel that it is our own personal duty to make sure that we keep them at a distance. I know the saying, “keep your enemies close” goes for most people, however, enemies often bring a lot of negativity. Why keep negativity so close to you? Negative people, will only backstab you and try their very best to pull you down. You deserve greatness and be surrounded by people who will support you; not try to break you for their own satisfaction.

The next time you come into contact with your friendly enemies, remember to stay calm and simply smile. No need to waste your energy and time on them and make them hate you that much more. Keep going about your day and continue minding your own business! Have a great day!