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Quote of the Week- Plan Real Goals

Goals Can Be Achieved, One Step At a Time…

I wrote an article at the beginning of the year, where I stated in my New Year’s Resolution that I wanted to work on my goals. I can admit, it has been a bit of a challenge, however, I have done good keeping a positive mind on making my goals happen. Despite having a few setbacks, I’ve managed to fight my way through instead of them bringing me down. Now I know it is still early in the year, but I’m grateful for finding the inner strength to not quit.

I can recall many times where I just gave completely up on my goals because they seemed to be out of reach. The reality of why I stopped working on them was because they were unrealistic to me. Creating an unrealistic goal could bring about failure and can result to you never wanting to accomplish them. Excuses will always come in to play and another year will pass you by with no proven achievements. I finally put a stop to that this year and can truthfully say little by little, my goals are being met!

My advice for today is to never stop working on you. There is always going to be room for improvements so welcome any new challenges that may come your way.  You will face many obstacles that are good and bad so believe me when I say; they will make you a stronger person! Set some goals that you know you will be able to meet and write them down. Make a list of what you feel some areas in your life that you need to work on and plan out how you will fix them. Once you have a plan in motion, your “plan” will be a stepping stone to your goal!

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