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Quote of the Day- Relax and Unwind

Unwind and Take a Breather, It’s Sunday!

Since today is Sunday, what better way to end the weekend, by simply taking a load off and just relax and unwind! Some people like to spend time sitting in front of the tv for the whole day, while others like to start preparing for the upcoming week. Whatever the case, there are many benefits that come from relaxation with one being that it will help you concentrate better.

Once the mind and body is de-stressed, one will be able to think clearly and any physical muscle tension can be lowered. Since there are many ways to relax, it is up to the person to make it worthwhile. One of my secrets when I am relaxing and unwinding is I like to first start off by taking a bath. While I am in the tub, I do a few breathing exercises as well as shoulder movements.

After my bath, I pick up my journal and start planning my week out. I like to try and plan my work and personal life out for the week, so that I know exactly what I need to carry out daily and check off my achievements as I go. This way, I don’t feel overwhelmed and I am able to focus on my priorities first. It is an absolute must for me to start my week off with a fresh mind, so I make sure I relax before it arrives!

Ask yourself this question, how do you want your week to start off? If the answer is, “I want my week to be productive and enjoyable” then spend this day relaxing in whatever way will help you de-stress. Even if it is for 30 minutes, just try to spend some time to yourself and practice breathing exercises. Enjoy!

Relax and Unwind

In the comments below, please feel free to share your ways that you like to relax and unwind!