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Quote of the Day- Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind and Fly High…

I used to be a mind hoarder. Just like someone who hoards clothes, collectible items, and garbage; I hoarded problems. For years, I suffered from things that happened to me in my past and I could not seem to let them go. I would constantly think about the same traumatic experience over and over. I felt hopeless at the time and didn’t know how I was going to stop thinking about my problems. To sum everything up; I didn’t know how to free my mind.

It wasn’t until I confided in a close friend of mine what I was going through. I knew I could trust her because our pasts were very similar. She had been practicing meditation for some time and felt that it would be good for me to do as well. Now I am not a Buddhist, however, I admired how they meditate. After researching exactly what meditation was, I finally gave it a try.

At first, it was very hard to learn how to simply not think of anything, when I had a million things on my mind. I kept trying and trying and finally, I got better at it over time. I was able to sort out some problems and now my situations in my past no longer haunt me. As a disclaimer, I’m far from perfect and there are times when frustration builds up; but I’ve learned to take a time out and “not think” at all when I feel myself getting upset.

I’m so thankful for meditation because my mind is now free from clutter. I’m able to focus better on things and I can now meditate up to 20 minutes a day! If you are struggling on learning how to free your mind, check out Psychology Today to take the first steps for beginners. After much practice, you too will be on your journey to having a clearer head.

Be Free