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Quote of the Week- Courageous

Be Courageous Again…

Who are you, if not a courageous person? An individual willing to try hard everyday, even when it’s difficult.

Courage has nothing to do with status or money. It is the willingness to stand-tall in the midst of hopelessness. Courage is going forward with dreams even when they haven’t been shown as fruitful. Courage is being an optimistic person regardless of the negativity that surrounds you.

Every day presents the opportunity to try again and a courageous person is always willing to try again, no matter what.

It’s hard being a person with potential, but unsure of how to maximize said potential. Courage is not represented by the person who has to yell at the top of their lungs and tell everyone who they are or what they’re doing. Courage is represented by the one who stops talking and starts acting. Action will always trump words. Afterall, it takes far more determination to act on aspirations than to simply speak about them.

One of the greatest difficulties any human being can face is to feel stagnant and fear change. It takes true courage to feel the weight of anxiety and go forward anyway. The mindset of the individual decides their ability to move forward. Growth begins the moment a person starts looking at life with a positive outlook and later acting on those positive vibes. No one has to be the loudest in the room or the most confident. Simply be the person that looks in the mirror knowing that everyday gives an opportunity to evolve and that evolution takes a courageous spirit!