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Quote of the Week- Let Go of Grudges

Grudges Are Bad Habits…

I wrote an article a few months ago on learning how to forgive others. This was something that I had struggled with for a long time, because I had a bad habit of being a mind hoarder. Many people, battle the problem with holding grudges against others and I must confess; I did too.

It is indeed hard to let go of something or someone who has hurt you. For me, I would re-live the situation over and over in my head. By doing that, it pretty much made me fail in future relationships with others and successes. I was paralyzing my mind in torment with no way of thinking of anything positive. Not once did I tell myself, things happen for a reason; so just let it go!

I thought that if I treat people with respect and honesty, I would get it in return. Well, this is not always the case and I got very angry at times when I’m not being treated right. Shutting down seemed as if it was my only option since I felt my inner peace was destroyed.


What brought me out of my bitterness, was listening to a close friend of mine who was really worried about me. Even though I had practiced meditation, I still would think about past situations that were holding me back from moving on with my life. I was continuing on a downward spiral instead of really making progress.

After not being able to take the negative way of thinking anymore, I started writing everything down to help me get to my core of why I hold grudges. My main reason was because I am afraid of being disappointed by people and circumstances. Realizing that I must make a dramatic change, I slowly started letting go so I can finally be a peace with myself. It took time and patience, however I started feeling a lot better. Writing my thoughts and ideas down helped me in several ways. I had clear mind and I was able to just basically feel free, knowing that I forgave myself as well as others.

We all have gone through times, when we are faced with dealing with other people who did something to hurt us. It also will be times where we fail at something and we may not get over it quickly, but holding on to whatever it is; will remain a bad habit if we do not let it go. Let’s remember that when this situations happen, we must find a positive way to move forward. Whether it means to write things down or talking to a friend, let’s get over it and forgive!