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Rob Kardashian Exposes Blac Chyna & More….

Rob & Blac Chyna Are Not Having A Good Day Because…

There once lived a spoiled rich kid in Calabasas who found the video girl of his dreams… And then he woke up and realized it was a nightmare. Rob Kardashian has discovered there is one thing money can’t fix–a broken heart. Blac Chyna crushed Rob’s spirit when she sent video of herself smooching another man in a bed Rob paid for. Sadly, he never saw it coming, but the rest of the world did.

This betrayal lead Rob to leak naked photos of Blac Chyna, as well as private text messages. However, Chyna wasn’t the only one exposed in this scenario. Rob, also let it slip that rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny paid Chyna for a threesome years ago.

Also, Rob announced that he’d been paying Chyna’s bills even after they’d broken up. Not to mention, buying her hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and gifts. Moreover, Blac Chyna made out like a bandit and Rob is left holding an empty bag.

Jay-Z vs. Kanye West & Future (Blac Chyna’s ex)

In other news, Kanye West and Future are angry with Jay-Z for certain comments made on his new album 4:44. The rap legend took shots at both men who were once thought to be Jay’s friends. Turns out, Jigga is like Drake and doesn’t want any new friends.

Remy Ma Vs. Cardi B

Remy Ma took aim at fellow rapper Cardi B over a mishap involving twitter. Cardi B. was hacked. As a result, Remy Ma was the target of nasty remarks by said hacker and in turn, responded with venom of her own. No word on if the two will be able to put this behind them. Although, the rap community would love to see this turn into another feud with diss records galore.

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