Back to School Lunch Ideas

Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas (Video)

Back to School Lunch Recipes Pt. 1…

Can you believe that it is already time for the kids to go back to school?! I know some of you parents are excited about that! Although it is a happy time to see the kids off for the day, getting their lunches prepared can sometimes be a hassle. That only happens if you do not plan your meals ahead of time.

The first thing that can help you out while you’re meal prepping and planning, is to write down what your children/teens like. This way, you won’t waste food and money, because they will actually eat what is prepared for them. The last thing you want, is for your child to not eat their food when they’re away at school. Their bodies need food as fuel to keep them with energy and to also focus on their school work.

I can remember not being very excited about lunchtime at school. My mom wouldn’t make anything that I liked and the school lunches were horrible! When I got old enough, I asked my mom if it would be ok if I started making my own school lunches. She got mad at me at first, but eventually gave in and let me do it.

I started off making sandwiches that I truly liked. Instead of just having a turkey and cheese sandwich, I made it a turkey club wrap using wraps or pita bread. I also made grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as an alternative to the usual. There were plenty others, but the ones a mentioned were my favorite! As for my side items, I made sure to add a fruit, chips, and my favorite juice. To keep items cold, I used cold packs, but nowadays there are so many different products to buy to keep the food cold.

Super Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Listed below are 5 back to school lunch ideas that many of you parents and guardians may like trying out this school year. Monique over at, is a genius for creating these delicious recipes reveled below! They may even work for the whole family including yourself! The video attached (see below), is actual footage of Monique showing a step-by-step method to demonstrate how easy these lunch ideas are. She even labeled them for each day of the school week for you!

Monday- Cheeseburger Quesadillas

  • Flour soft tortillas
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes (optional)
  • Ground meat (turkey sausage was used in this recipe)
  • Your choice of shredded cheese

*This recipe can call for any kind of meat that you know your kid(s) like. Depending on their taste buds, you can always switch up and try one week with shredded chicken and the next week with ground beef, turkey, or pork.

Tuesday- Triple PB Nutella Banana Sandwich

  • 1 Banana
  • Nutella
  • Peanut butter
  • Butter for toasting
  • 3 Pieces of your choice of bread

*Be sure to cut the crusts off! You know how kids are! This lunch idea is yummy and your kid(s) will more than likely enjoy this one for sure! It’s toasted, it’s buttery, and it’s sticky! Due to all the stickiness, pack some hand wipes in their lunch box with this one.

Wednesday- Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups

  • Seasonings: Parsley, garlic, and pepper
  • 1 cup of shredded chicken
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Flour soft tortilla
  • Your choice of hot sauce mixed with butter (optional)

*Now this recipe is on the spicier side considered mild so if you know your kids cannot handle the heat, try a sauce you know they love. You can probably add ketchup, bbq sauce, or even teriyaki just to name a few.

Thursday- Walking Taco Salad

  • Snack size bag of Frito’s
  • Ground meat, shredded lettuce, avocado, shredded cheese, and tomatoes
  • Salsa and sour cream

*Easy and isn’t messy at all! This idea can just about be one of my favorite choices out of these whole suggestions. You simply add all of the ingredients into a Frito’s snack bag, take a fork, and dig right on in! It comes in handy when you got some hungry ones, therefore, keep this recipe near if the kids have company over as well!

Friday- Fiesta Chicken Salad

  • 1 cup of shredded chicken
  • Ro*tel tomatoes, red onions, and shredded cheese
  • Ranch, mayo, and sour cream
  • Seasonings: chili powder, oregano, and pepper

*This recipe can be served on bread or with crackers. It’s quite simple to put together and depending on if your child is picky, rather than using the onions mentioned above, try onion powder instead.


For these yummy recipes with exact measurements, check out Monique’s blog by clicking here! Enjoy!