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Secret of Attraction- Meditation (video)

Secret of attraction, Narrated by: Deepak Chopra

The law or secret of attraction is based out of the belief that how you view yourself and the world around you, plays a big part in how your life pans out. If you see positive, you attract more positive. If you only see negative, then there is a greater chance of attracting that as well. Attract what you want, visualize what you want and do not give up on it.

In the past, I have even done vision boards to help me attract more positivity; I am more of a visual person anyway. I am not one of those people who writes down a list of goals I want to accomplish five or ten years down the road, because I always lose the paper anyway. I’d rather picture what I want and meditation is something that helps with that.

I believe everyone should give meditation a try and if you are a life long meditator, just add this to your repertoire. Be open-minded to the secret of attraction, as it is a bi-product of the law of attraction, which has been around for centuries.


Generally, I suggest listening to a guided meditation (like this one) with headphones or ear buds. It will help drown out the noise around you, while simultaneously allowing for a deeper meditative experience.

Now, give it a try and let me know how it went…