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Shey’s New Year Resolution

New Year, New Attitude…

New year’s resolutions are nothing new and everyone has something they want to change. Every year we all come up with a mountain of ideas and to do lists, in order to, better ourselves mentally, physically and/or professionally. Therefore, I start this new year hoping I have the stamina to carry through with my own goals and wishes, so that I may inch closer to fulfilling my dreams

One of the most important, if not the most important thing for me to do is to worry less. I am without a doubt a worry wart and part of that may come from being a bit of a people pleaser. I will never forget being in high school some years back and having an older gentleman who was a palm reader come and speak to our class. He told us about himself and cracked a few jokes. Then, he said he wanted everyone to lay the backs of their hands on their desk, with their palms facing the ceiling and he would read each one. He went around the classroom gazing at palms and for one classmate he said, “you have a very good heart, keep it up” and to another, “you will come into money very soon”. He continued to read palms, as I anxiously awaited my turn.

When the palm reader got to me he looked down at my palms and then looked back at me. He looked down again and looked back at me. His facial expression told me he was puzzled and unsure of something, what that something was, I will never know. Could it be, that he could see the abusive childhood I had suffered through; could he see the depression/anxiety I was still dealing with or was there something else? Honestly, I may spend the rest of my life wondering why he saw certain things in me, things he didn’t seem to see in others.

Nevertheless, he read my palm like everyone else. While, I was hopeful to get some good news like those before me, that is not what happened. He uttered four simple words that I will never forget, “you worry too much.” All I could think was, ‘really? That’s it? I worry too much? Is that the best you could come up with?’ Fast-forward more than a decade later and it turns out he was right. I worry too much, but I must admit I have progressed and that is only through the help of meditation and therapy. Although, I still have a lot of work to do; I reflect on that moment in time knowing I must keep growing. I do not want to spend the rest of my life being a worry wart. It is important for me to break this habit, so it will not be passed along to my future children.


Another resolution I have made is to meditate more. Which, in my opinion goes hand in hand with worrying less. Throughout the years I have noticed the more I meditate the less I worry, but the problem is I procrastinate meditating. I keep saying maybe tomorrow. Even when the meditation is as quick as twenty minutes, I still find excuses that are in no way helpful or conducive to my personal growth. There are soooo many things I would like to change in my life like my finances, love life, friendships, relationships with family and even having just a bit more self-confidence. Clearly, I know all of those things could be helped in some way, shape or form by meditating more often. Nonetheless, I continue to put it off like a burden, instead of acknowledging it is a solution. Silly me.

Mindfulness and self-actualization are my ultimate goals and those things will only come from centering the mind. Centering the mind will then pave the way for me to grow my business without fear of failure (ushering in financial freedom), finding the person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with & not being afraid to give or receive love, letting go of fair weather friends who enter/exit my life at their convenience, opening up dialogue with family I have not spoken to in years for whatever reason and building more confidence within myself because I recognize I deserve to be happy.

These are my new year’s resolutions, but they really just boil down to two things: worry less and meditate more. I know I can do it and I am going to try harder for the benefit of myself and all those around me. We all deserve to find our inner peace in 2016 & beyond, and I definitely plan on finding mine.

How about you?