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Relaxing Staycation to Save Money

Staycation Must Haves…

Have you ever had to spend your vacation time off work at home? A lot of people choose to do a staycation because it does in fact save money. In this article, I want to share some tips and items that I needed to have a relaxing time at home when I took sometime off of work. I saved a few extra dollars in my pocket and had fun right at home! Here is a list of the most needed items when you plan to spend majority of your time in doors.

Snacks and Comfort Food

I always have snacks accessible in my household, especially when I am on my staycation. It is mostly a mixture of healthy snacks and my guilty pleasures (anything caramel, chocolate, and crunchy)! As far as comfort food, I like to make anything that would last a few days so that I am not doing much of ordering out or better yet; dishes! One pot meals are my main go to dishes when I need a quick meal that can stretch.

Cozy Clothes

Having something comfortable to lounge around the house in is essential when you do not have any plans to go anywhere. Items like a nice cozy bathrobe, yoga pants, tank tops, and slippers are all the choices that I use all the time.

Tasty Drinks

Depending on what kind of mood you might be in, having a good drink to set a relaxing mode is the best! Drinks such as a smoothie, wine, coffee, tea, alcohol, and beer are common drinks most people like to wind down with. My personal favorites are coffee, margaritas, and pink moscato. Just let your taste buds be the judge and be creative!

Favorite Shows and Netflix

I love catching up on my favorite tv shows that I was not able to watch during a busy work week. I normally have to use my dvr majority of the time because I am not one to watch tv live. Another preference of mine, is watching movies I haven’t seen in a while on Netflix. This brings all the above (food, clothes, and drinks) altogether for some nice quality time with my beloved tv!

Great Conversations

Lastly, I love to catch up with my really good friends to check in with them and share some good laughs as well as deep conversations. Even if your circle is small, try inviting some friends over to enjoy a few drinks, tv, or just having some plan old company; it too is well needed on a staycation!


Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what are some of your staycation must haves!