Glitter Bottom Heels
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Trendy Glitter Bottom Heels DIY

Glitter Bottom Heels DIY Project… Glitter bottom heels, have become a brand new fashion trend in 2016, but many people don’t know exactly where to purchase them. It’s because most of the time, you may have to make them yourself. If your lucky and know how to surf the web, you might be able to find some. You would have to […]

Black Lace Ankle Booties
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DIY Black Lace Ankle Booties

Black Lace Booties Done At Home!.. There’s nothing like having a cute pair of black lace booties added to any shoe collection! They’re a cute staple that will turn a plain outfit, into something spectacular and will have everyone wondering where you got those shoes! How about I tell you that today’s article is going […]

Plus Size Summer Fashion
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Cute Plus Size Summer Attire

Inspired Plus Size Summer Attire… If you happen to wear plus size fashion, but need some summer inspiration, look no further! Personal style blogger Kim, will be showing you how to rock the latest plus size looks with class! According to her website, she has style tips that were featured on popular websites like and On […]

Givenchy Fashion 2016
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Givenchy Spring and Summer Collection

Givenchy Summer and Spring 2016 Collection… Givenchy is bringing us silky and smooth for their 2016 spring and summer collection this year! At New York’s Fashion week spring runway, Givenchy mixed a modern version of the ancient Chinese fabric, and brought a twist to make the look even more fashionable and fierce. This collection you will […]