Glitter Bottom Heels
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Trendy Glitter Bottom Heels DIY

Glitter Bottom Heels DIY Project… Glitter bottom heels, have become a brand new fashion trend in 2016, but many people don’t know exactly where to purchase them. It’s because most of the time, you may have to make them yourself. If your lucky and know how to surf the web, you might be able to find some. You would have to […]

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Freckle Friendly Makeup Look (Video)

Freckle Friendly Makeup Tutorial… If you’re struggling to find ways to pull off a makeup look and still be able to show your freckles, this freckle friendly makeup tutorial below by Summer Kellsey via YouTube may come in hand! Some people, are really ashamed of their freckles, while other learned how to embrace them. I don’t have freckles, […]

Power of Makeup
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The Power of Makeup

Learning The True Power of Makeup… If you are trying to find different approaches to covering up some imperfections on your skin, this video below is perfect to show anyone the true power of makeup. It is absolutely one of the best power of makeup tutorials I have ever seen. Shalom Blac revealed a flawless […]

Black Lace Ankle Booties
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DIY Black Lace Ankle Booties

Black Lace Booties Done At Home!.. There’s nothing like having a cute pair of black lace booties added to any shoe collection! They’re a cute staple that will turn a plain outfit, into something spectacular and will have everyone wondering where you got those shoes! How about I tell you that today’s article is going […]