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Basketball Wives Vlog Season 6 Episode 2

Tami and Jackie vs. Evelyn… 

On the previous episode, we learned that Tami and Evelyn have some issues they need to work out. As Shaunie tries her best to mend the friendship between both women, she’s also caught right in the middle of their feud. Speaking of being caught in the middle, Jackie’s name was brought into the fall out. Although we saw Jackie and Evelyn make up after a quick misunderstanding in episode 1, Tami is adamant Jackie should not trust Evelyn’s intentions.

It seems like Tami has a few tricks up her sleeve when she brings up a comment made by Evelyn about what happened to Jackie’s grandson. She tries her hardest to make Evelyn out to be a bad person, however there wasn’t a bad comment made. Will Evelyn be able to defend her side of the story? Will Jackie actually confront Evelyn knowing her history on this show?

During this episode, we also get to see some new faces who joined to the group. We get acquainted with Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Keonna Green, and Elena Ahanzadeh on this episode. We find out Keonna and Elena actually have somethings in common, however the news brings drama into a new possible friendship in the making.

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