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Contour: the RIght & Wrong Way

In today’s style video CarliBel is showing you the right and wrong way to contour. On the right side of the screen she shows you the correct way and on the left side she shows you the incorrect way.

Carli’s tips on how to correctly contour and apply makeup:

  1. Use a primer.
  2. Make sure your complexion matches your foundation.
  3. Do not put the contour lines too far apart on the bridge of your nose, as it can make appear wider.
  4. Do not cake the make up on, it will be harder to blend.
  5. Make sure you bring the make up down by your neck, this way you avoid looking as if you’re wearing a”mask”.

The the list of products used:

Keep in mind, you can go to drugstores or your local mall and probably get these items or a comparable brand a bit cheaper.

Below is the video where Carli will show you the right and wrong way to contour, hopefully you find this helpful.

  • P.S. If you want more detail, you can view one our past posts on getting the perfect eyebrows.