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Tips to Help Your Shoes Smell Better

How to: Make Your Shoes Smell Better w/Video…

Have you ever had that favorite pair of shoes that you love to wear, but they might have stinky smell that lingers in them? Don’t be ashamed if you do, because I have a few pair myself that have an odor and I wasn’t sure how to get rid of it. Since I have a ton of shoes that I finally organized properly, I noticed my go to flats I usually wear, contain the typical feet smell that can be quite embarrassing.

Though I practice proper daily hygiene, I still endure sweaty feet during the summer months while wearing flats or gym shoes. I know a lot of people experience the same problem and a light bulb went off to try to find a way to salvage our favorite shoes by getting rid of the smell!

I came across Jennifer Chiu’s video that basically saved the day and my shoes because she literally titled her video, how to get rid of stinky smelly feet instantly! Listed below, are her top 5 ways to eliminate the odor as well as how to properly take care of your feet before placing them in your shoes! Also, I’ve attached the video if you would like to know her story behind this uncomfortable topic.

Jennifer’s quick tips to rid the stink:

Odor Eaters- These can be found online and even in your local department stores. You have a variety of choices to choose from and all of them are meant to soak up any kind of odor your shoe is holding on to. These products are very common with athletes.

Baking Soda or Baby Powder- Both or beneficial to removing any kind of smell so by sprinkling either one into your shoe(s) and letting it sit for a few hours or overnight can help aid the smell.

Thoroughly Wash and Dry Your Feet- If you have wet feet and then place them directly in your shoe, this can definitely cause odor to build up in the shoe.

Hand Sanitizer- Jennifer stated in the video that she likes to use hand sanitizer as a moisturizing agent that dries well and helps minimize odor.

Soak Your Feet Often- Get a large enough bowl that can feet both of your feet in or a foot bath and soak your feet in warm water with lemon and peppermint oil added in for 15 minutes.