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Helpful Tips to Meal Planning…

Meal planning is very important to do if you live on a tight budget, are trying saving money, or just to eat healthier. Some families also use meal planning as a source to balance out their daily and weekly schedules. In this section, I want to share some helpful tips on creating a meal plan for you and your family. I hope that these tips will let you have understanding why meal planning is so essential.

I must admit, that I have lived on eating out almost every single meal for weeks at a time because the of my lifestyle. Constantly on the go, I often would make the same excuse that I was just to “busy” to cook anything. Pretty soon, my excuses showed in my bank account. I was always down to my last dollar when my next paycheck rolled around. When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew that my unnecessary spending habits need to change quickly.

Seeking advice from my mother and others, I was told that in order to save my money, it was important to limit my eating out habits by just making my meals at home. This wasn’t easy because even though I was pregnant, my lifestyle still remained busy. I was working 6 days a week, and having to make every meal at home was very time consuming at first. This is when I figured out that I was going about it making these meals the wrong way. I wasn’t planning anything out in advance, so this meant that I needed to find better recipes that would be quick and easy to clean up. Also, I needed meals that would last a longer period of time to make leftovers.

The simple key to meal planning is that if you know what you will be cooking ahead of time, which can make your life easier. I’ve listed below the tips that I use to creating a meal plan for my family. They are simple to follow and I hope that they help you on your search to finding ways to save money.

  1. Get a printable calendar for the month to a record all of your daily activities because what your schedule is, will determine each meal you plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a weekly basis.
  2. Pull out your recipe books or search for new recipes that you know that your family will enjoy. To save you some time, look for some crock pot or one pot meal recipes especially if you have a busy lifestyle.
  3. Plan your next shopping trip by comparing the prices at your local grocery stores. This will be the time where you will have to check out your recipes and find out what is on sale that you will need to make that specific meal. Be sure to stick to your grocery shopping list so that you are not spending on items you do not need.
  4. Gather your coupons because they will save you money. You can find them online and your local Sunday Paper.
  5. Set a day that you can prep your meals . These meals would be great for leftovers. I usually do this about every other day.
  6. Remember that it will take time and a lot of trial and error. Your family may like one dish and may not like the other so, be creative in the kitchen and don’t be afraid of trying something new.

Let us know in the comments below how you plan your meals for your family to save money. We would love to hear your tips as well!