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Affordable Valentine’s Day Make Up Look (video)

This attached video below, is a easy and affordable Valentine’s Day make up look that you can wear during the day or night. Beauty By Lee, will be demonstrating how to apply this make up look that will have you naturally glowing on your special day. The products you may have already have in your make up collection, and if in fact you don’t, you are able to purchase these affordable items at your local drug stores, Walmart, Target, and online.

I picked this video because not everyone can afford the high end brands of make up. In my opinion, I feel that being stylish, does not mean that you have to go out and by products that will cost a ton of money, when you can purchase a good quality make up brand at a much reasonable price. This is where YouTube comes in handy because it is a plethora of videos that you are able to research affordable make up looks if you are in the beginning stages of collecting make up.

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Here is a list of the basic items that you will need:

I hope you give this affordable look a try for Valentine’s Day!