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What’s Beef? Govan Sisters

Gossip Vlog: The Trouble Going on with the Govan Sisters…

The Govan Sisters beef is evergreen and everlasting. However, that is not the only drama in their lives as the men they love or once loved are also bringing the drama. Gloria’s beau, Derek Fisher got a DUI while driving an Escalade registered to Matt Barnes.

Laura is still battling it out with the father of her children Gilbert Arenas and their custody battle is contentious. Laura even accused Arenas of giving her an STD. Arenas sued Govan for defamation of character and continues to pursue the matter in court. He maintains he’s innocent and believes she is feeding the public baseless allegations.

To make matters worse, Laura thinks Gloria slept with Gilbert Arenas in the beginning of their courtship & she can’t let it go. Gloria has frequently denied the accusation, but Laura is adamant. Not even their parents believe Gloria slept with the former NBA player, yet Laura continues to have suspicions. What do you think? Who’s telling the truth and who’s feeding bull?

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