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What’s Beef? Tamar vs Toya ft Tiny and Reginae

Gossip Vlog: Tamar and Toya’s Feud…

Tamar and Toya have found themselves in a sticky situation. Their beef has been epic and social media is here for it. Tamar was throwing shade at Toya, while apologizing to Tiny. Things quickly came to ahead when Toya responded with some ‘over the top, under the table’ shade of her own. Toya’s teenage daughter Reginae even joined in. One time friends have become bitter enemies and we’re all waiting to see how it ends…

By the way, We also discuss the issues of Love & Hip Hop. Rasheeda and Kirk will not have to confront Jasmine, Rod and Keanna at the reunion because the trio did not show up!

Gossip Vlogs is here to give you all the tea. So, grab a cup and get comfortable because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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